2021 Summer Job: Newcomer Ministry Intern (정마리아 선교사님)

안녕 하세요
정마리아 선교사님이 사역하시는 New comer들을 위한 Summer camp에서 인턴을 채용하고 있습니다.
내용을 참고하셔서 관심있는 분들은 지원해주시기 바랍니다.

1. 기간: 6월 14 or 28일 ~ 8월 13일
2. 시간: 주 35시간, $14.25/hr
3. 하는일: English tutoring, welcoming, building relationships with newcomers by online (줌)
4. 마감: June 7, 2021
5. 기타: Training will be provided

-Welcoming & Settling Newcomers to mid-Etobicoke

‘Dixon Ministry’ promotes 85 Toronto Baptist Ministry [TBM] congregations sponsoring, welcoming and resettling newcomers. We’re hiring four senior high, current or graduated university students, from June 14 or 28 through to August 13 (ten or eight weeks), 35 hours per week at $14.25/hour.

Newcomer Ministry Interns will be trained to meet newcomer families, assess needs, tutor English and other subjects. They will supervise, provide cultural orientation, effective tutoring strategies for volunteer tutors. This might be done wholly online, depending on Covid regulations.

Applicants must have demonstrated a teachable attitude as a disciple of Jesus, be an active participant in a congregation, and desire to be Christ’s ambassadors among their family, friends and neighbours including newcomer families from diverse cultures and religious traditions. This assignment is highly relational and delivered as a team.

Send Inquiries, resume/cover letter to Jeff McCarrell: interns4newcomers@gmail.com
Applications’ closing date: 7 June 2021

This ministry is funded by Toronto Baptist Ministry congregations and a grant from Canada Summer Jobs.